Piper Sullivan
Romance Author

Previews » Excerpt: Sinful Takeover

Sinful Takeover: Excerpt

“Take a seat Lacey, I won’t bite.” I heard Luke growl somewhere on the other side of the table but I was focused on his sister, looking hot as hell in a purple dress with a little bow on the side, begging me to tug on it.

She dropped down beside me, cocked her seat to the side and crossed her legs, giving me a flash of lace top stockings. I fucking loved those damn things.


“Maybe if you ask nicely.” Shit, was I flirting with my best friend’s sister? Right in front of him.

She leaned in, giving a glimpse of lace. Virginal white lace. Fuck yeah. “Under the right circumstances, I might even beg.”

I coughed to hide my surprise, but Lukas’ fist hitting the table drew our attention. “What the hell?”

“That’s my sister you’re flirting with and eye fucking,” he growled.

Lacey laughed beside me and placed a hand on my thigh. 

“Were you eye fucking me, because I totally missed it. Show me again.” 


Coming May 11th!