Piper Sullivan
Romance Author

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Sinful Takeover - Chapter 3

I slid across the seat, closer to Lacey, and let myself enjoy the way her pupils dilated and she licked her lips. I knew as her pink tongue dragged across her lush bottom lip that we would fuck. And that it would be white hot. The air around us charged until it near combusted.

But Lacey looked away and broke the spell. Coward.

I didn’t care. She could run away. For now. In the confines of my limo I was perfectly happy to let her try and run from this heat between us. I leaned in and inhaled the sweet scent coming from her hair.

“You smell good. Like rose petals which makes me think of your skin,” I told her and ran a finger along the outside of her arm. “And your skin makes me think of how soft your pussy will be. Soft and dewy.” I inhaled again and whispered in her ear. “Is that the smell of your pussy dripping for me?” I hoped like hell it was because my cock was hard at just the thought of her damp pussy.

She looked at me with an incredulous look on her pretty face and laughed. “I can’t believe you asked me that and you haven’t even fed me yet! What a barbarian,” she said playfully. “Is this what passes for manners among you glob trotters?” Her laugh was all woman and it pulled me in, closer and closer until my hands finally got their way. One slid under her wild curls, gliding against her neck and the other landed on her bare thigh making her gasp.

“Thank fuck for this nice weather,” I growled in her ear, letting my hand slide up and down her smooth, creamy skin. “Tell me to stop, Lacey. Push me away.” If she didn’t, I would keep touching her. Make her come.

Big brown eyes, now almost black with desire, slammed into mine. I expected to see indecisiveness or wariness, but there was only desire. Certainty.

“I don’t want to.”

That was all I needed to hear to let my palm wrap around her soft, slender leg and slide up her smooth skin. I kept going until I hit lace, or maybe it was silk but I didn’t really give a damn, not when my fingertips brushed across her moist center. “I knew that was the scent of your desire.” I tugged on the elastic and slipped one finger inside, revelling in the way she gasped at my touch.

“You talk a lot,” she panted out, groaning when I added another finger to slid between damp folds, back and forth while she trembled beneath me.

“Your pussy is so wet, Lacey. Was that just seeing me or were you thinking about how it would feel to have my cock pounding into your hot center?”

“Too. Much. Talking.” She grabbed my wrist and began to grind and I slid her panties over with my thumb, sliding two fingers deep into her. “Yes!”

“I guess I’m not the only one who likes to talk.” But I didn’t want to talk anymore, I wanted to listen to sexy as fuck sounds she made. Little mewls when my thumb hit just the right spot on her clit. The guttural growl she let out when I slid deep enough to feel her clench and pulse around me. The strangled sound she made when she was close and I pulled back. Eased up. “You’re close.”

“I am.” Her words were short bursts of air, one hand clutching the seat and the other cupping my neck.

“How close?” I didn’t need her to tell me, I could feel the tiny flutterings of her orgasm working its way to the surface, the way her skin heated up a few degrees and her nails dug into my neck.

“Walker!” Her voice was angry, frustrated.

“How close?”

“So fucking close,” she growled at me and I swear, my cock wept at the dark sound.

“Good.” I eased my fingers from her body and dropped to the floor, pulling her right to the edge of the seat,  putting my mouth on her leaking pussy, licking her over and over until her hands tugged my hair, her cries bouncing around the limo. Two fingers invaded her and I pumped in and out, in and out while she made noises that made me wish were someplace else with more space. More privacy.

“Walker! Fuck, oh fuck, yes!” Words of pleasure dripped from her lush mouth, her body trembled and pulsed and I kept sucking her clit because I could. She kept crying as her orgasm went on and on. “Fuck.”

Her body went limp and I eased up until she stopped trembling. “I knew you’d taste as sweet as you smell.”

She laughed. “And you are as talented as I knew you’d be, dammit.”

“Ready for another mind-blowing experience?”


To be continued...