Piper Sullivan Romance Author


Hi There, 

Welcome! I love reading romantic stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

So, have a look around and see if anything catches your eye.




I need to stay away from the town’s hot golden boy.

He’s waaaay out my league.

That doesn’t mean I can’t have my dirty fantasies though, right?

I know I can’t have him. 

But we end up roommates after a stupid accident.

Unable to escape each other.

I try to resist him.

To forget the way he makes me feel when I’m pressed against his hard body.

But I’m losing the fight.

And when he kisses me?

I know I’m screwed.

My only solace is that it will only be for a couple of days.

But Preston…

Let’s just say he has other plans for me.


Working with Search & Rescue is everything to me.

My job is all I need.

Or so I thought until my life exploded when I save a sassy bartender.

Nina’s first language is sarcasm.

And her curves…her curves leave me entranced.

She needs me.

To save her, hold her, protect her.

Even if she refuses to admit it.

But in this small town, I always get what I want.

And a calendar for charity gives me the perfect opportunity to win Nina’s heart.