Piper Sullivan
Romance Author


Wanting Ms Wrong

"How did I end up like my own single Mom? Pregnant and alone, with a Baby Daddy?"

I’ve known Walker almost my whole life, and I've loved him for just as long.
One night of passion, that’s what we shared before he ghosted me.
Like I was nothing.
It took some time, but I got over it. Over him.
Until it happened again. 
And again.
Now our sizzling encounters has left me with more than a crush.
I have something that’s a part of him…

Audrey was always my best friend’s kid sister, nothing more. 
Until our paths crossed far away from our small town.
She was all grown up, and in way that made my heart race and parts of me throb.
But Audrey was all wrong for me, she didn’t meet any of my criteria for a future wife.
But still, I wanted her.
She saw me as just her brother's best friend, and even that didn’t matter.
I wanted her.
She doesn’t believe me, and I don’t blame her.
But I’m determined to make Audrey see that we could be more than a dirty little secret.
We could be everything.